What we solve

Extraction of metals, metalloids and non-metals

There is a constantly increasing demand for raw materials – while at the same time the extraction rates and the ore content in primary sources are falling. This leads to high extraction costs when extracting raw materials using conventional methods, makes the dependency on imports continue to grow contrary to all other approaches – leads to further negative environmental effects – and consequently to less and less social acceptance of raw material extraction: A vicious circle.

With InnoBioTech®, ekolive offers an innovative ecological and economical method for almost all elements that are released from rocks and other carrier materials. It increases extraction rates, lowers costs and protects our environment in many ways – above all, because local resources can be explored and used efficiently.

This is done through bioleaching using our microlive® bacterial consortia and the appropriately matched nutrients ekocomplex® – adapted to the specific requirements of the target element to be extracted.

Biomining has been widespread for 50 years but has unfortunately mainly only been used to extract copper and gold from sulfidic ores. Around 5% of the global gold supply and 20% of the copper are currently extracted using biomining. In addition to copper and gold production, cobalt, nickel, zinc and uranium are also extracted from sulphides – but the possibilities go far beyond these elements and sulphides.

Our different bacterial consortia microlive® can extract a large number of metals, metalloids and non-metals from various raw materials (oxides, silicates, hydroxides, carbonates, etc.) in an ecological way. We have registered our technology as an EU patent on ecological release of elements and degradation of organic substances using heterotrophic microorganisms, confirmed in its applicability to over 100 different materials.

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