What we solve

Improvement of industrial minerals

Everything that we depend on is either made from minerals or its manufacture relies on minerals. We need enormous amounts of industrial minerals every day, in most cases high quality minerals with no metallic impurities. But we’re running out of resources.

This can be counteracted by improving industrial minerals of lower quality by removing metallic impurities.

Bioleaching by bacterial consortia microlive® and appropriately balanced nutrients ekocomplex® serves to release impurities (metals and other elements), and to clean industrial minerals.

Our different bacterial consortia microlive® can extract a large number of metals, metalloids and non-metals from various raw materials (oxides, silicates, hydroxides, carbonates, etc.) in an ecological way. We have registered our technology as an EU patent on ecological release of elements and degradation of organic substances using heterotrophic microorganisms, confirmed in its applicability to over 100 different materials.

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