ekolive is the first and leading provider of a new ecological bioleaching method to ecologically release elements, decomposite organic impurities, and produce valuable ecological “living” bio|m|stimulants for plants and soil.

By this innovative biological technology, ekolive solves environmental hazards and cleans contaminated environment polluted by potentially toxic elements (PTE) and organics, giving a second life to different industrial wastes, replacing dangerous mining and processing methods, and cleaning industrial minerals from metals by an ecological and economical way. Behind our “Swiss Army knife” is nature and its microbiological self-healing powers, which ekolive makes use of and which we stimulate massively.

ekolive is a start-up of a dedicated team of experienced biotechnologists, geologists and business developers. The company was founded in 2018 in Košice, Slovakia, and has since developed rapidly towards industrial and commercial application of its technologies. The founders of the start-up and IP-holders are also its co-owners.

In 2019, in a first large industrial pilot project in Slovenia, the market maturity of BioLeaching with heterotrophic bacteria for the upgrading of industrial minerals was demonstrated.

In 2020, another large pilot project in Germany demonstrated the market maturity of BioRemediation for cleaning extracted contaminated soils; The cleaned soils could afterwards – instead of being dumped (DK III) – be used for the production of liquid soil in civil engineering.

At the beginning of 2021, the first commercial applications for the in-situ renovation of an inner-city property heavily contaminated with cyanides and PAHs as well as an industrial property contaminated with tar oils followed in Germany.

2022 followed the market launch of the microbial bio|m|stimulants ekofertile® and mikrofertile® together with our partners Köster GmbH and Victory Organics d.o.o..