ekofertile® soil EN Markus 20. January 2024

ekofertile® soil

Where soils are destroyed, contain too much clay or loam, or are impermeable to water, it is advisable to use a soil improver or bio¦me¦regenerator, which also has significantly positive effects on germination rates and plant growth.

ekofertile® soil  is mixed into the topsoil and becomes part of the root zone. The organic acids and humic acids contained are very stable and form clay-humus complexes in the soil that bind water and nutrients. They counteract abiotic stress and water shortages.


Use 100 kg of ekofertile® soil per hectare and work it into the topsoil before sowing.

Special Effects

  • Higher abiotic stress resistance in the plant and in the soil.
  • More functional soils with higher performance
  • Reduced use of pesticides and fertilizers
  • Higher water holding capacity of the soil
  • Higher nutrient in the soil
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