Optimised organical plant and soil strengtheners – restoring the microbiome – increasing fertility and yields – enabeling the transition to regenerative agriculture
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Feike Sijbesma Sustainable Innovation Award
ekolive has won the first edition of the Feike Sijbesma Sustainable Innovation Award
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New, extremely lucrative business opportunities for local mineral deposits and mining sites – processing of primary and secondary industrial minerals
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EIT Food RisingFoodStar
EIT Food approved the membership of ekolive to the Association RisingFoodStars iVZW on 15/05/2023.
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Industrial biodegradation of contaminants – final cleaning of contaminated soils and surfaces – in-situ and ex-situ
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BASF Innovation Hub 2022
ekolive has won one of the two first prizes in the Grand Finale of the BASF Innovation Hub 2022
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Big ambitions ... need innovative solutions ...

ekolive is the first and leading provider of an EU/ETV certified eco-innovative bioleaching method (InnoBioTech®) for processing minerals and soil using bacteria.

This allows new raw material resources to be explored or giving various used industrial minerals a second life, replacing dangerous mining and processing methods, environmental hazards to be sustainable eliminated, and bio|me|stimulants/organic fertilizers to be produced – to replace agrochemicals and increase yields in organic farming as well as to restore the microbiome in the soil.

ekolive is ecological, innovative, value-adding; the breadth and contribution of it’s innovative technology to achieving global sustainability goals is exceptional.

Awards and Verifications

Our eco-innovative bioleaching process has been verified as one of only 20 technologies in the area of “Materials, Waste & Resources” by the European Commission as part of the “ECO-INNOVATION at the heart of European policies”. A Verified Technology is a technology which has gone through a Verification Process according to ISO Standard 17020 and has received a Statement of Verification. This means that a Verification Body has reviewed all the test results that supports the technology’s performance to check that the data is credible, consistent, of good quality and that it covers the important aspects of the technology’s performance.

In September 2021, ekolive was selected by StartUS insights among 144 analyzed startups and scale-ups as one of the “5 Top Startus providing Bioremediation Solutions” worldwide.

In early September 2022, ekolive won the first edition of the Feike Sijbesma Sustainable Innovation Award: “With their technology, they contribute to 11 of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals, making them the inspiring sustainable innovators the jury was looking for.

On October 31, 2022, ekolive was awarded the CircLean label for our active participation in industrial symbiosis activities within the CircLean network – European network for companies and SMEs for industrial symbiosis.

On November 4, 2022, ekolive won one of the two first prizes in the Grand Finale of the BASF Innovation Hub 2022.

The Biorenewables Development Center in Dunnington has undertaken and validated plant growth trials using our bio|me|stimulants from the verified bioleaching process. The report can be found here.

We have had our bio|me|stimulants analysed and declared, among others by LUFA Nord-West; they were also included in the Dutch, the German and the European input list by FiBL. 

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