ekolive EN Markus 7. January 2024

ekolive is the provider of the EU/ETV certified ecological bioleaching method InnoBioTech® for the release of elements, the remediation of soils and the production of valuable ecological bio¦me¦stimulants to regenerate the soil and its microbiome as well as to stimulate plants.

Our Vision
  • With Nature for Nature: Sustainable Agriculture, Circular Economy and Zero Pollution.
Our Mission
  • We enable the individual transformation of agriculture and the exit from the vicious circle of increasing demand for agrochemicals.

InnoBioTech® is a biotechnology innovation in the field of bioleaching. With this biological innovation, soils and the soil microbiome can be rehabilitated, raw minerals can be upgraded, and, last but not least, bio¦me¦stimulants are produced that can be used to restore the soil microbiome and to stimulate plant yield and plant health.

InnoBioTech® replicates the natural microbial weathering process of minerals. This biological innovation remediates soil and soil microbiome, upgrades mineral raw minerals and in the end we produce bio|me|stimulants which can be used to restore soil microbiome and to stimulate plant yield and health.

Our Team

PhD in Biotechnologies
Ing. Darina Štyriaková, PhD
Founder and CEO
PhD in Sedimentology
Ing. Marta Prekopová, PhD
Scientific Projects Coordinator
Bernd Diermann
Partner Acquisition Manager
Master of Science - MSc. Student at Kassel University and Fulda University
Reyyan Gübür
PhD in Biotechnologies
Ing. Jaroslav Šuba, PhD
Operations Manager and Co-Founder
Dr. Markus Klein
Advisory Board Member and COO
MA in Environmental Technology and Engineering
Doris Kraljić
Scientific Projects Manager
Economist in Bus. Dev. | PhD Researcher
Gökçe Kalkan
PhD in Mineralogy and Environmental Technologies
Dr.Sc. Ing. Iveta Štyriaková
Head of R&D
Thomas Kummer
Advisory Board Member
Milan Lacko
Technical employee

Our Recognitions and Awards