One technology. Three Solutions. for regenerative agriculture, circular economy, and zero pollution

Regenerative Agriculture
% Increase in the availability of essential Mg, P, and K in the soil
% Increase in soil microbial diversity
% Boost to the soil quality index
% Increase in water storage capacity
% Reduction in CO2 emissions
Reduction of reliance on conventional fertilizers
% Reduction on farming costs and fertilizer reliance
% Reduction in CO2 emissions
Circular Economy
Resource Security

We are tackling the raw material crisis and taking part in reducing significant dependencies and related CO2 emissions

Upgraded Raw Materials

We minimize dependency on limited resources and reduce waste by transforming mine tailings into high-value raw materials

New Revenue Streams

We create new revenue streams by upgrading tailings, and increase economic growth through sustainable resource utilization.

Zero Pollution
Safeguarded Ecosystems
Clean Soil
Less Pollutants



Powered by bacteria. Naturally ecological and sustainable.

ekolive has developed a patented eco-bioleaching technology that replicates the natural process of soil formation through microbial weathering of minerals.

InnoBioTech® is a patented EU/ETV-certified ecological method for the extraction and processing of mineral raw materials. The first of its kind in the world, it is used for the upgrading of low-grade primary minerals and the recycling of secondary materials. With this technology, we can also produce ecological bio|me|stimulants.

What we do?

We are upgrading low-grade minerals and secondary materials into high-quality minerals and materials, while producing ecological bio|me|stimulants for regenerative and organic agriculture. 

ekolive contributes to the transformation of the agriculture and mining industries by offering regenerative transformation, resource security, and zero pollution solutions with InnoBioTech®.


→ for circular economy


→ for zero pollution


→ for agriculture

Our Team

PhD in Biotechnologies
Ing. Darina Štyriaková, PhD
Founder and CEO
Dr. Markus Klein
Advisory Board Member
PhD in Biotechnologies
Ing. Jaroslav Šuba, PhD
Operations Manager and Co-Founder
Bernd Diermann
Commercial Manager
PhD in Mineralogy and Environmental Technologies
Iveta Štyriaková, Dr.Sc. Ing.
Head of R&D
Thomas Kummer
Advisory Board Member
PhD in Sedimentology
Ing. Marta Prekopová, PhD
Scientific Projects Coordinator


Our Recognitions and Prizes

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