One Technology - Triple Impact - Ambitious Vision With Nature for Nature: Sustainable Agriculture, Circular Economy and Zero Pollution.

We enable the transformation of agriculture and the exit from the vicious circle of increasing dependence on agrochemicals.

What we do?

We upgrade low-quality primary minerals, and secondary materials to high-quality minerals and materials by producing highly effective ecological bio|me|stimulants for regenerative, organic, and conventional agriculture on the other hand.

ekolive contributes to the transformation of the agriculture and mining industries by offering regenerative transformation, resource security, and zero pollution solutions with its InnoBioTech® technology.


With nature for nature. Naturally ecological and sustainable.

ekolive has developed a patented eco-bioleaching technology that replicates the natural process of soil formation through microbial weathering of minerals.

InnoBioTech® is a patented EU/ETV-certified ecological method for the extraction and processing of mineral raw materials. The first of its kind in the world, it is used for the upgrading of low-grade primary minerals and the recycling of secondary materials.

With this technology, we also produce our ecological bio¦me¦stimulants.

Our Contribution to the Transformation of Agriculture
up to
% Higher yield and quality increase
up to
% Increased immunity to diseases
up to
% Reducing agricultural costs
up to
% Increasing the soil quality index
up to
% Increase in microbial diversity in the soil
up to
% Increase in water storage capacity
up to
% Increase in sugar content and BRIX
up to
% Increase of availibility of Mg, P, K and nitrogen fixation in the soil
up to
% Reduction of reliance on conventional fertilisers
up to
% Increase in abiotic stress resistance (frost, cold, drought, heat)
up to
% Increase in organic and microbiological carbon in the soil
up to
% Reducing CO2 emissions
Our Contribution to Circular Economy
Resource Security

We are fighting the raw materials crisis and helping to reduce critical dependencies and CO2 emissions associated with imports/transports.

Upgraded Raw Materials

We prevent the irretrievable waste of finite mineral resources, reduce mineral waste and convert it into usable secondary raw materials.

New Revenue Streams

We create new values and sources of income through the processing of spent minerals, and increase economic efficiency and growth through sustainable use of resources.

Our Contribution to Zero Pollution
Protected Ecosystems

We work diligently to stop the vicious circle, ensuring that resources are used, reused, or upgraded – not wasted, thus reducing pressure on our planet's finite resources and promoting a more sustainable future for all.

Clean Soils

Our innovative and completely ecological technology improves the quality of minerals and soil, solves environmental risks, and cleans contaminated environment.

Less Pollutant Inputs

Our InnoBioTech® technology generates no waste. In addition, our innovative bioleaching processes not only rejuvenate materials, but also increase their value, facilitate their reuse and reduce the environmental impact of mining.

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