The success and achievements of ekolive would not be possible without the fruitful and trusting cooperation with and support as well as support from various partners and partner companies and organisations.

Representing many are mentioned here:

Artemis Project is a social enterprise founded on a collective of female entrepreneurs focused on disruptive change in global economic, environmental, and social development in mining. Artemis drives agile and innovative  business outcomes between female entrepreneurs and mining companies  seeking to  transition from ESG compliance to using ESG as an imperative for genuine change, improved business performance resulting in an improved world.

Darina Štyriaková, the managing director of ekolive, is part of this collective.

The CircLean Network: European Network of Businesses and SMEs for Industrial Symbiosis is a project implemented by Technopolis Group with a consortium of partners composed of Trinomics, International Synergies Ltd. and Arctik on the behalf of the European Commission’s DG GROW. The purpose of the CircLean Network is to mobilise industries and relevant stakeholders to overcome the barriers of industrial symbiosis’ uptake in Europe, and to seize the necessary business opportunities to meet these challenges. ekolive is part of this network.

ekolive is supported by EIT Food, supported by the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT).

EIT Food is Europe’s leading food innovation initiative, working to make the food system more sustainable, healthy and trusted. EIT Food has coached the team and supported ekolive in the validation of its BioFertilizer business and in securing the international trademarks.

EIT RawMaterials is the largest consortium in the raw materials sector worldwide. Its vision is to develop raw materials into a major strength for Europe. EIT RawMaterials has supported ekolive from the beginning of its journey – from the business idea to the implementation of the business plan – promoted and coached.

EIT RawMaterials is supported by the EIT, a body of the European Union.

FB-Flüssigboden GmbH is a young, dynamic company that was founded in 2016 and has firmly established itself on the market as a system provider for liquid soil.

FB-Flüssigboden GmbH does not produce liquid soil itself, but enables entrepreneurs, cities and municipalities to produce the highest quality liquid soil.

Due to the close cooperation with ekolive in many projects, both are jointly able to clean almost all contaminated soils in one work step and to reinstall them as liquid soil.

The Horizon 2020-funded KET4CleanProduction (KET4CP) project funds game-changing, market-creating innovations that support the growth of European bioeconomy. The project has awarded two SMEs funding to work with the BDC and other European technology centres to solve clean production challenges and de-risk commercialisation of biobased products and processes. Bluegene Technologies (UK) and ekolive (Slovakia) were awarded to work on research projects for a cleaner, greener and more efficient production in collaboration with: the BDC (UK), RISE (Sweden) and Bay Zoltán (Hungary).

Köster GmbH is a certified waste management company with more than 30 years of experience in the field of remediation of contaminated sites and landfill construction. For the remediation of hazardous contaminated sites, the creation of landfills and preventive environmental protection measures, Köster has bundled the expertise of a highly specialized team with many years of experience in the “Environmental Technology Competence Center”. When it comes to the remediation of contaminated sites, or sustainable soil remediation, Köster relies on the expertise of ekolive.

The RIS-CuRE project (“Zero waste recovery of copper tailings in the ESEE region”), under the lead of Zavod za gradbenistvo Slovenije, ZAG (Slovenian National Building and Civil Engineering Institute), aims at establishing a network of Cu value chain stakeholders in the ESEE region in order to promote an innovative service for the zero waste extraction of metals (Cu, Ag, As, Au, and REE) from Cu mining wastes, generated during past mining activities. This will contribute towards increased competitiveness in the region and serve as a source of metals for EU. Within the project ekolive cleans mining residues for further utilization in construction products.

Victory Organics d.o.o is a Croatian Company, founded in 2018 and licensed recently in the production, distribution, and trade of Fertilizers, including the research and experimental development in biotechnology.

The company traded previously under the name Victory Minerals d.o.o. and accomplished at this time different pilot projects of bioleaching Quartz Sand with the expertise of ekolive. The successful collaboration in the Projects resulted in a close cooperation and partnership between the companies.

Today, the focus of Victory Organics d.o.o is to produce with the know-how of ekolive a new generation of biostimulants with the aim accomplishing a paradigm shift in solution of plant nutrition under the direction of an ecological production process.

Visegrád for Sustainability or V4SDG was created to become the organisation that paves the way towards the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in Central Eastern Europe. The founders realised that the region’s sustainability actors are not connected enough, especially across sectors, and are not well-integrated into the global mainstream of sustainability affairs. Established in 2018, V4SDG has grown into a non-profit organisation of over 30 young professionals working on these objectives – including ekolive’s CEO Darina Štyriaková.