ekofertile® plant

Our liquid biostimulant ekofertile® plant contains living, growth-promoting microorganisms (PGPM), organic acids produced by the microorganisms (lactic, butyric, acetic, amino acids, methanol and ethanol) and trace elements (dissolved Fe-Mn oxides and hydroxides, mica and feldspar – mainly iron and manganese) applied to the leaf surfaces or to the soil. The PGPM specifically colonize the root area and the inside of the plant and increase the health, resistance and growth of the plants.

The microorganisms contained in ekofertile® plant directly influence plant growth. They also buffer the effects of biotic (fungi, bacteria, viruses and insects) and abiotic stress factors (heavy metal pollution, periods of drought, nutrient deficiencies, high salinity and extreme temperatures). They stimulate the plant’s own hormones, which act as messenger substances and thus control and coordinate growth and development. They increase the immunity of plants to a variety of diseases (fungal, viral and bacterial pathogens) and resistance to high temperatures.

The microorganisms produce metabolic products that are said to have an antifungal, antibacterial, antiviral or phytotoxic effect. In addition, pathogens are repressed within the rhizosphere simply due to increased competition from the mere presence of the PGPM.

ekofertile® plant can also increase the effect of mineral fertilizers, as the nutrients are made more readily available to the plants. In this way, a reduced use of fertilizers can be compensated. It also revitalizes already attacked, unhealthy and damaged plants. It increases the yield, the root system of the plants and the sugar content of the fruits. Also suitable for various fruits and root vegetables, legumes, cereals and the like.

ekofertile® plant is applied by spraying or watering plants applied. For watering during the growth phase of the plants, we recommend at least three applications at intervals of a maximum of 14 days and then, if necessary, with each additional watering.

Recommended application for smaller plants (cereals, legumes, vegetables, small fruits like strawberries): via irrigation with 2-5% concentration on the roots; by spraying with a max. 1-2% concentration. For shrubs (blueberries, currants, raspberries, vines, etc.) and trees: irrigation at 20% concentration, by spraying the leaves at 10% concentration. As a general rule to increase potency/fertility apply ekofertile® plant several times (ideally with each watering) but do not increase the concentration. Use a maximum of 1% solutions when sowing and in the early leaf stage. Significantly higher concentrations can be used to revitalize slacking shrubs and trees, as well as to boost the fructose content shortly before harvest.

Here you can find our leaflet on ekofertile® plant.
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Here is the investigation reportPlant growth trials using products derived from bioleaching” by ekolive from the Biorenewables Development Centre.