microfertile® plant

Our liquid microfertile® plant biostimulant contains all 17 essential elements from dissolved minerals, chlorella microalgae, thiobacillus bacteria and their metabolites: protein rusticyanin, oxaloacetic acid and pyruvic acid. microfertile® plant is absorbed through the stomata of leaves, stems and roots and stimulates chlorophyll and photosynthesis. Antifreeze proteins reduce or stop ice formation in plant cells, preventing frost damage to flowers and buds. These proteins are converted into sugars, oils, vitamins and proteins that the plant uses up, resulting in more buds, leaves and therefore more plant quality and yield. Particularly suitable for leafy greens, herbs, lawns, tomatoes, peppers and various other vegetables and fruits.

The microorganisms contained in microfertile® plant directly influence plant growth. They also buffer the effects of abiotic stress factors (heavy metal pollution, periods of drought, nutrient deficiencies, high salinity and extreme temperatures). They stimulate the plant’s own hormones, which act as messenger substances and thus control and coordinate growth and development.

microfertile® plant is applied to plants by spraying or watering. For watering plants, we recommend at least five applications during the growth phase.
Suggested use: via irrigation or by spraying at a 2-10% concentration. To stimulate growth use a 5% solution on the roots and a 2% solution on the leaves.
For frost protection, spraying flowers and foliage at a 10% concentration at least 24 hours before expected frost has the greatest effect (effect lasts up to 10 days).
On the other hand, with constant watering, especially in greenhouses and hydroponic systems, the concentration can be significantly reduced (0.75–1%).

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