Media Response

Below you find links to media reports about ekolive and our activities:

Druhá Women TechEU je spustená (= The second round of Women TechEU is launched), on: SLOR – Slovak Liasion Office for Research and Development, at 23.6.2022

Alumni Spotlight – ekolive, on: EIT Food Entrepreneurs Website, at 28.01.2022

Bioleaching technology by heterotrophic bacteria, on: website of the European Commission – Eco-innovation Action Plan – Verified Technologies, at 3.1.2022

Ťažba nerastných surovín = pomoc poľnohospodárstvu (Mining = aid to agriculture), on: at 21.12.2021

Baktérie, ktoré môžu zmeniť svet/Bacteria that can change the world | Darina Štyriaková | TEDxKošice, on: YouTube at 8.11.2021

EIT Food TeamUp winners announced, at: EIT Food Website on 4.11.021

Meet this Month’s Featured Member Companies, on: Artemis Project Partnership Group, Newsletter November 2021, Issue 5

RAW MATERIALS – The Foundation of Sustainable Future – Speakers, on: GreenEST Summit 2021, 28.10.2021

Discover 5 Top Startups providing Bioremediation Solutions, on: StartUs Insights at 15.09.2021

15 agrifood teams joined EIT Food TeamUp programme, on: EIT Food website at 03.08.2021

ekolive success story: New environmental way of bioleaching for minerals refining and metals extraction from tailings, on: Ket4 Website at 26.07.2021

Battery recycling using bacteria / Reciclado de baterías usando bacterias, on: Hive Blog at 1. July 2021

Reciclaje de baterías mediante bacterias, un método que parece sacado de la ciencia ficción, on: NIUS Diario at 27.06.2021

EIT Food Accelerator Network Welcomes Its Fourth Cohort of Impactful Agrifood Startups, on: EIT Food website at 23.06.2021

Exploring a hidden value of mining waste, on: Biorenewables Development Centre (BDC) website at 9.6.2021

Find a partner abroad for your business – ekolive, on: enterprise europe network since 29.04.2021

European SMEs pilot their innovative green technologies at the Biorenewables Development Centre, on: Biorenewables Development Centre (BDC) website at 23.11.2020

EIT Jumpstarter 2020 panel discussion, on: Facebook at 12.11.2020

Slovensko má inovatívne riešenie pre environmentálne hazardy – ekolive, on: INDEXMAG at 11.11.2020

Celebrating the first cohort of the RM Accelerator Programme graduates, on: EIT website at 11.11.2020

Celebrating the first cohort of the RM Accelerator Programme graduates, on: EIT RawMaterials website at 9.11.2020

Darina Štyriaková na TEDxKošice 2021: Z dvora na Mars!, on: TEDxKošice at 20.10.2020

Innovative Bioprocessing of Raw Materials, on: DUBROVNIK INTERNATIONAL MINING SCHOOL – DIM ESEE: Small Mining Sites – Innovation in Processing and Recycling, 12.10.2020

Mladí inovatívni podnikatelia 2020 – Tomáš Bertók a Darina Štyriaková, on: Facebook at 03.10.2020

Mladý inovatívny podnikateľ 2020 má svojich víťazov, on: at 23.09.2020

Mladý inovatívny podnikateľ 2020, on: UVP Technicom website at 23.09.2020

RIS CuRE and ekolive, on: ZAG website, August 2020

PDAC 2021: The World’s Premier Mineral Exploration & Mining Convention, on: EIT RawMaterials website at 26.02.2020

The Raw Materials Summit 2019: connecting innovation in the Raw Materials Sector, in: Mineral Economics , volume 32, pages 379–381 (2019)

Dan inovacij Adria 2019, on: Mineral Gradnja at 04.11.2019

EIT RawMaterials – Innovation & Entrepreneurship durch Wissenstransfer im Wissensdreieck, on: Austrian Research Promotion Agency, Vienna, at 30.09.2019

Thirty-five EIT Health Success Stories from 2018 approved by EIT, on: EIT Health website at 27.06.2019

Successful launch of the BioLeach innovation project supported by EIT RawMaterials, on: EIT RawMaterials website at 09.05.2019

Successful launch of the BioLeach innovation project supported by EIT RawMaterials, on: EIT RawMaterials Hub Center website at 10.05.2019

ekolive, in: EIT Regional Innovation Scheme 2018, p. 20

Podujatia EIT zmenili v roku 2018 životy viac ako 200 inovatívnym tímom, ktoré získali 200 000 eur. Slováci si odniesli 5 000 euro, on: at 21.12.2018

Slováci zabodovali v súťaži startupov o európske peniaze, on: at 24.11.2018

40 startupov si rozdelilo 200 000 eur. Bodovali aj Slováci, on: at 23.11.2018