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Slovenská inovácia na regeneráciu pôdy, aj pomoc s mrazmi na jar (= Slovak innovation for soil regeneration, also help with frosts in the spring), on: Roľnícke noviny at 12.09.2023

Aj na tohtoročnom Agrokomplexe boli ocenené osobnosti, ktoré sa zaslúžili o rozvoj agrosektora (= Also at this year’s Agrokomplex, personalities who contributed to the development of the agricultural sector were awarded), on: Webseite des agrokomplex at 18.08.2023

Slovakian soil regenerator wins Feike Sijbesma Sustainable Innovation Award, in: Annual Report 2022 University Fund Wageningen, p. 16/17

ekolive pitching (from 00:16:47 till 00:32:11) at Transforming Food Systems – EIT Food 2023 Annual Event – Riga, 27./28.06.2023, on: YouTube, 29.06.2023

Promising Bioleaching Process to Resolve Major Issues, on: 3 Seas Europe at 27.06.2023

ekolive pitching (from 1:08:20 till 1:13:10) at StartLife Demo Day Spring 2023, on Vimeo, 22.06.2023

ekolive Germany GmbH  – Biostimulanzien (= ekolive Germany GmbH – Biostimulants), on: Gemüse – Das Magazin für den professionellen Gemüsebau, edition 06/2023, page. 44, online on Gemüse online

EIT Food announces new cohort of agrifood startups, on: EIT Food website, 31.05.2023

Bioleaching eco-mining benefits agricultural sustainability, on: CORDIS – EU research results, 31.05.2023

MassChallenge Switzerland Announces 2023 Early-Stage Accelerator Program Cohort, on: at 26.05.2023

Rückbau der Hängebank eröffnet Raum für Neues (= Dismantling the hanging bench opens up space for something new), on: Hallo Buer at 22.05.2023

Tí, ktorí dokážu využiť prirodzenú silu prírody, si zaslúžia oceniť (= Those who can use the natural power of nature deserve to be appreciated), on: VÚB banka on Instagram, at 25.04.2023

Spoznajte tých, ktorí držia na pleciach osud planéty. Vyhlásenie víťazov enviroceny ATLAS v Deň zeme 22.4 (= Get to know those who hold the fate of the planet on their shoulders Announcement of the winners of the ATLAS environmental award on Earth Day 22.4.), on: STV2 at 22.04.2023

Neue Biostimulanzien von ekolive für Ackerkulturen auf dem Markt (= New ekolive biostimulants for arable crops on the market), on: top agrar online at 02.04.2023

Das neue Zechengold, (= The New Mining Gold), on: Infothek Jean Pütz Produkte at 30.03.2023

Biostimulanzien, eine sinnvolle Ergänzung? (= Biostimulants, a useful supplement?), on: Infothek Jean Pütz Produkte at 30.03.2023

Düngung, Biostimulanz und Humusaufbau (= Fertilization, biostimulant and humus build-up), on: Landwirtschaftliches Wochenblatt 09/23 at 02.03.2023

Über erstaunliche Bakterien, ein Pressegespräch und ein wahrhaft wundervolles Mittel (= About amazing bacteria, a press briefing and a truly wonderful remedy), on: Köster GmbH website at 02.03.2023

Košická vedecká kaviareň bola tentoraz venovaná aplikovanej vede a biohnojivám (= This time, the Košice science cafe was dedicated to applied science and biofertilizers), on: Website of the Slovak Academy of Sciences, at:  27.02.2023

Košickí výskumníci chceli zmeniť baníctvo, vynašli pritom unikátne biohnojivo (= Košice researchers wanted to change mining, and they invented a unique biofertilizer), on: Website of Science Cafes in Košice, at 22.02.2023; reprint on ERA Portál Slovensko at 28.02.2023

BioLeaching und Raum für Neues auf Zeche Consol Schacht 9 (= Bioleaching and space for new things at Consol shaft 9 colliery), on: at 13.02.2023

Meet Darina Štyriaková, a biotechnologist from Slovakia. International Day of Women and Girls in Science!, auf: Webseite der Delegation of the European Union to the Holy See, Order of Malta, UN Organisations in Rome and to the Republic of San Marino am 10.02.2023

Slovenská vedkyňa s rodinou vyrába zázračné biohnojivo. Ide o prevratný objav (= A Slovak scientist and her family produce a miraculous biofertilizer. This is a revolutionary discovery), in: reflex on at 01.02.2023

Schwarzes Gold von Gelsenkirchens Zeche wird flüssig gemacht (= Black gold from Gelsenkirchen’s colliery is made liquid), on: WAZ at 31.01.2023

Abriss der Hängebank auf Consol abgeschlossen (= Demolition of the hanging bench on Consol completed), on: radio emscher lippe at 31.01.2023

Wounds Of Nature. Pollution of the former mine in Nižná Slana, Slovakia. Text and photos by Bea Kovacs, January 2023

Veda v agrosektore (= Science in agriculture – A unique solution of Slovak scientists: with the help of bacteria they are able to produce fertilizers that can be used in organic farming, as well as those that can replace classic agrochemicals), TV report in Farmárska revue on rtv: at 10.12.2022, 15:00; in the stream from minute 15:00 to 21:40

Investorov vraj musia odháňať. Objav slovenského startupu pomáha ťažiarom aj farmárom (= They say they have to drive investors away. The discovery of a Slovak startup helps miners and farmers), on: at 07.12.2022 || Downloads in English / GermanSlovakian

Terugblik 21ste editie Nationaal Sustainability Congres (= Looking back at the 21st edition of the National Sustainability Congress), on: at 18.11.2022

ekolive being the winner of BASF Innovation Hub 2022 Grand Finals, on: YouTube chanel of BASF Innovation Hub 2022 at 04.11.2022 | BASF Website at 07.11.2022 || Media reports on Romania Journal at 07.11.2022 | Business Review at 07.11.2022 | Business Point at 07.11.2022 | at 07.11.2022 | EuroStar Umag at 07.11.2022 | Club IT&C at 07.11.2022 | at 07.11.2022 | Start Up Cafe at 07.11.2022 | at 07.11.2022 | Agrointeligenț at 08.11.2011 | Naše pole at 08.11.2022 | Bloomberg Adria at 09.11.2022 | Glas Istre at 09.11.2022 | at 09.11.2022 | Si21 at 09.11.2022 | Градске инфо at 10.11.2022 | Vojvodina uživo at 10.11.2022 | at 10.11.2022 | krstarica at 10.11.2022 | at 11.11.2022 | Agroforum at 11.11.2022 | ICT Business at 11.11.2022 | Era Portál Slovensko at 21.22.2022 | at 22.11.2022 | Plus JEDEN DEŇ at 22.11.2022

ekolive being the winner of BASF Innovation Hub 2022 Czech Republic & Slovakia local event, on: YouTube chanel of BASF Innovation Hub 2022 at 03.11.2022

ekolive Germany: Neues Biostimulanz (= ekolive Germany: new biostimulant), on: at 14.10.2022

Treffpunkt der Spargel- und Beerenbranche mit Innovationen, Impulsen und Ideen für die Saison 2023 (= Meeting place for the asparagus and berry industry with innovations, impulses and ideas for the 2023 season), on: BW agrar at 11.10.2022

ekolive Germany – erstmals Aussteller auf der expoSE, (= ekolive Germany – exhibitor at expoSE for the first time), on: agrar Presseportal at 11.10.2022

Neues Biostimulanz zur biologischen Stärkung von Zier- und Nutzpflanzen (= New biostimulant for the biological strengthening of ornamental and useful plants), on: at 10.10.2022

Regenerating the planet | Edition 73, by Maithreyi Seetharaman on The Chief Brief at 02.10.2022

What if we could turn waste into biostimulants for agriculture? CHECK OUT EKOLIVE, auf: RESPOND – a BMW Foundation program – YouTube-Kanal, at 28.09.2022

Vráti sa ešte do Slanej život? Biotechnologička zhodnotila šance kontaminovanej rieky (= Will life return to Slaná? The biotechnologist assessed the chances of a contaminated river), on: Nový Čas at 22.09.2022

Darina Štyriaková: Dnes je populárne hovoriť, že sa riešia eko témy. Na Slovensku však necítim, že by to skutočne bola priorita (= Darina Štyriaková: Today it is popular to say that eco-topics are being addressed. In Slovakia, however, I don’t feel that it would really be a priority), on: HEROES at 20.09.2022 || Downloads in German / English / Slovakian

Slováci chceli zmeniť baníctvo, vynašli pritom unikátne biohnojivo. Testujú ho po Európe, v Dubaji či na Srí Lanke a aj v Strážskom (= Slovaks wanted to change mining, and they invented a unique biofertilizer. They are testing it in Europe, in Dubai or Sri Lanka, and also in Strážské), on: Srdkovky / Nadácia VÚB at 20.09.2022 || Downloads in German / English / Slovakian

Rieka Slaná je stále oranžová, domáci musia na trvalé riešenia čakať Zdroj (= The Slaná River is still orange, residents have to wait for permanent solutions), on: Noviny TV JOJ at 12.09.2022

Slovakian soil regenerator ekolive wins sustainable innovation award WUR, on: Website of Wageningen University & Research, at 08.09.2022 | on: at 08.09.2022 | on: at 09.09.2022 | on: GroentenNieuws at 09.09.2022 | on: India at 10.09.2022 | Video on YouTube || Download in English

Katastrofa v rieke Slaná: Na pohľad v poriadku, no odbery sú znepokojujúce (= Catastrophe in the Slaná River: It looks fine, but the amount is worrying), on: Noviny TV JOJ at 30.08.2022

Problém s arzénom (=The arsenic problem), on: Noviny TV JOJ | E829 at 29.08.2022, starting from minute 00:51

Egyre több arzént mos magával a Sajó (= The Sajó is washing more and more arsenic), on: ma7 at 29.08.2022 Sajó, szennyezés, környezeti katasztrófa, Varga Tibor

Sijbesma Sustainable Innovation Award, on: Website of Wageningen University & Research, at 25.08.2024

Kontaminovaná voda z baní zabila v rieke Slaná všetok život (= Contaminated water from the mines killed all life in the Slaná River), in: Magazín Reflex on at 18.08.2022, 17:25 o´clock

Ako je to s riekou Slaná a baňou Siderit? Hrozí reálna prírodná katastrofa? (= What about the Slaná river and the Siderit mine? Is there a real natural disaster?), Interview, on: at 12.08.2022

Időzített bomba a Sajó (= Sajó is a time bomb), on: FELVIDÉ at 11.08.2022

Riaditeľ Rudných baní o postupe záchranárskych prác na Gemeri: Pomaly sa do rieky Slaná vracia život (= Director of Rudné baní on the progress of rescue work on Gemeri: Life is slowly returning to the river Slaná), on: Nový Čas at 09.08.2022

Voda v Slanej mení farbu. Jedovatá je však stále (= The water in Slana changes color. However, it is still poisonous), on: Pravda at 22.07.2022

RESPOND Accelerator Startups Cohort 2022, on: RESPOND – A program by BMW Foundation, at 11.07.2022

Druhá Women TechEU je spustená (= The second round of Women TechEU is launched), on: SLOR – Slovak Liasion Office for Research and Development, at 23.6.2022 Women Tech EU 2022

Nachhaltige Bodensanierung mit Bakterien. Kooperation der Köster GmbH und Biotechnologie-Start-up ekolive (= Sustainable soil remediation with bacteria. Cooperation between Köster GmbH and biotechnology start-up ekolive), on: LogRealNews, April 2022

Women TechEU pilot beneficiaries, on: European Innovation Council and SMEs Executive Agency (EISMEA), April 2022

Biochemička Darina Štyriaková: Každý farmár by rád prešiel na ekologické hnojivá, no nemá to ako zaplatiť (= Biochemist Darina Štyriaková: Every farmer would like to switch to organic fertilizers, but he has no way to pay for it), on: Kravaco Magazin at 28.04.2022

Osobností KSK 2021 (= Personalities of KSK 2021), on: Kosicky Kraj YouTube Channel at 23.04.2022

Známa za hranicami Slovenska. Za ekologickým prevratom stojí Košičanka (= Known beyond the borders of Slovakia. A woman from Košice is behind the ecological revolution), on: at 08.04.2022 Darina Štyriaková

Congratulations to Artemis Project Member and CEO of ekolive Darina Štyriaková, PhD. ekolive was selected as one of the first 50 Women Led Companies for the new Women in TechEU Pilot Programme, on: Artemis Project website, at 06.04.2022

50 inovatívnych spoločností vedených ženami uspelo v pilotnom programe Women TechEU. Je medzi nimi aj slovenská firma (= 50 innovative companies led by women have succeeded in the Women TechEU pilot program. A Slovak company is among them), on: at 08.03.2022

Alumni Spotlight – ekolive, on: EIT Food Entrepreneurs Website, at 28.01.2022

Bioleaching technology by heterotrophic bacteria, on: website of the European Commission – Eco-innovation Action Plan – Verified Technologies, at 3.1.2022

MEDZINÁRODNÝ PROJEKT RIS-CURE SO ZAMERANÍM NA BANSKÝ ODPAD PO ŤAŽBE MEDENEJ RUDY (= International RIS-CuRE project focussing on mining waste after copper ore mining), in: ENVIRONMENTÁLNE ZÁŤAŽE NA SLOVENSKU, ed. by the Ministry of the Environment of the Slovak Republic, 2021, p. 106-120

Ťažba nerastných surovín = pomoc poľnohospodárstvu (= Mining = aid to agriculture), on: at 21.12.2021

Baktérie, ktoré môžu zmeniť svet / Bacteria that can change the world | Darina Štyriaková | TEDxKošice, on: YouTube at 8.11.2021

EIT Food TeamUp winners announced, at: EIT Food Website on 4.11.2021

Meet this Month’s Featured Member Companies, on: Artemis Project Partnership Group, Newsletter November 2021, Issue 5

RAW MATERIALS – The Foundation of Sustainable Future – Speakers, on: GreenEST Summit 2021, 28.10.2021

Discover 5 Top Startups providing Bioremediation Solutions, on: StartUs Insights at 15.09.2021 Bioremediation-Startups-Sustainability-SharedImg-StartUs-Insights-noresize

15 agrifood teams joined EIT Food TeamUp programme, on: EIT Food website at 03.08.2021

ekolive success story: New environmental way of bioleaching for minerals refining and metals extraction from tailings, on: Ket4 Website at 26.07.2021

Battery recycling using bacteria / Reciclado de baterías usando bacterias, on: Hive Blog at 1. July 2021

Reciclaje de baterías mediante bacterias, un método que parece sacado de la ciencia ficción (= Recycling batteries using bacteria, a method that seems taken from science fiction), on: NIUS Diario at 27.06.2021

EIT Food Accelerator Network Welcomes Its Fourth Cohort of Impactful Agrifood Startups, on: EIT Food website at 23.06.2021

Exploring a hidden value of mining waste, on: Biorenewables Development Centre (BDC) website at 9.6.2021

Find a partner abroad for your business – ekolive, on: enterprise europe network since 29.04.2021 (saved on

Z dvora na Mars (= From the yard to Mars). T­E­Dx­Košice, on: TED at 17.04.2021

European SMEs pilot their innovative green technologies at the Biorenewables Development Centre, on: Biorenewables Development Centre (BDC) website at 23.11.2020

EIT Jumpstarter 2020 panel discussion, on: Facebook at 12.11.2020

Slovensko má inovatívne riešenie pre environmentálne hazardy – ekolive (= Slovakia has an innovative solution for environmental hazards – ekolive), on: INDEXMAG at 11.11.2020

Celebrating the first cohort of the RM Accelerator Programme graduates, on: EIT website at 11.11.2020

Celebrating the first cohort of the RM Accelerator Programme graduates, on: EIT RawMaterials website at 9.11.2020

Darina Štyriaková na TEDxKošice 2021: Z dvora na Mars! (= Darina Štyriaková at TEDxKošice 2021: From the yard to Mars!), on: TEDxKošice at 20.10.2020

Innovative Bioprocessing of Raw Materials, on: DUBROVNIK INTERNATIONAL MINING SCHOOL – DIM ESEE: Small Mining Sites – Innovation in Processing and Recycling, 12.10.2020

Mladí inovatívni podnikatelia 2020 – Tomáš Bertók a Darina Štyriaková (= Young innovative entrepreneurs 2020 – Tomáš Bertók and Darina Štyriaková), on: Facebook at 03.10.2020

Mladá generácia prichádza s novými vývojovými technológiami (= The young generation comes up with new development technologies), auf: am 02.10.2020

Mladý inovatívny podnikateľ 2020 má svojich víťazov (= The Young Innovative Entrepreneur 2020 has its winners), on: at 23.09.2020  Na snímke vpravo piati finalisti: Zľava Tomáš...

Mladý inovatívny podnikateľ 2020 (= Young innovative entrepreneur 2020), on: UVP Technicom website at 23.09.2020

RIS CuRE and ekolive, on: ZAG website, August 2020

PDAC 2020: The World’s Premier Mineral Exploration & Mining Convention, on: EIT RawMaterials website at 26.02.2020

The Raw Materials Summit 2019: connecting innovation in the Raw Materials Sector, in: Mineral Economics , volume 32, pages 379–381 (2019)

Dan inovacij Adria 2019 (= Adria Innovation Day 2019), on: Mineral Gradnja at 04.11.2019

EIT RawMaterials – Innovation & Entrepreneurship durch Wissenstransfer im Wissensdreieck, on: Austrian Research Promotion Agency, Vienna, at 30.09.2019

Thirty-five EIT Health Success Stories from 2018 approved by EIT, on: EIT Health website at 27.06.2019

Successful launch of the BioLeach innovation project supported by EIT RawMaterials, on: EIT RawMaterials website at 09.05.2019

Successful launch of the BioLeach innovation project supported by EIT RawMaterials, on: EIT RawMaterials Hub Center website at 10.05.2019

ekolive, in: EIT Regional Innovation Scheme 2018, p. 20

Podujatia EIT zmenili v roku 2018 životy viac ako 200 inovatívnym tímom, ktoré získali 200 000 eur. Slováci si odniesli 5 000 euro (= EIT events changed the lives of more than 200 innovative teams in 2018, which received €200,000. The Slovaks took home 5,000 euros), on: at 21.12.2018

Slováci zabodovali v súťaži startupov o európske peniaze (= Slovaks scored in the startup competition for European money), on: at 24.11.2018

40 startupov si rozdelilo 200.000 eur. Bodovali aj Slováci (= 40 startups shared 200,000 euros. The Slovaks also scored), on: at 23.11.2018